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Next Saturday (December 2nd, 2017) Power Rangers Ninja Steel airs it’s final episode of the year, the Holiday Special, “Past, Present, and Future”.

To mark the end of the season we have collected all of the behind the scenes production stills Power Rangers released throughout the year.

What will the 25th anniversary season bring in 2018? As always, keep listening to Ranger Command Power Hour where we will be sure to talk about it!

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Ranger Command Power Hour Episode 105

It’s time to Ranger Up with @trekkieb47 @secretrangerfan & @ZachLaVoy as they talk all things Power Rangers on the Four Eyed Radio Network with RANGER COMMAND POWER HOUR!

Eric is joined by guest co-hosts Doug (@ickybooley) and, new to the show, Derek (@DerekBGayle) to review Power Rangers Ninja Steel Episode 15 “Royal Rumble”, Episode 16 “Monkey Business” and Episode 17 “The Adventures of Redbot”.

We also discuss the latest cost cutting measures of Bandai with the lack of gold on the Legacy Zeo Gold Ranger action figure.

Derek answers your questions, discussing his Power Rangers favorites. We rave about HyperForce. The next RCPH Power Rangers Survivor episode is teased and we answer more Questions from Ranger Nation.

We also talk about the latest Power Rangers news including the upcoming return of the Red Ranger balloon at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and Power Morphicon’s official hotel block.


Listen now: Ranger Command Power Hour Episode 105 – “Rangers Reactions and Review – Bandai WTF and Power Rangers Ninja Steel Episodes 15-17


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Power Rangers Ninja Steel Episode 6 Production Stills

Power Rangers Ninja Steel

Power Rangers Ninja Steel episode 6, “My Friend, Redbot” airs this Saturday! Saban Brands has given Power Force members four new exclusive behind-the-scenes stills.

Hayley is targeted by Galvanax’s latest monster. Isolated from the other Rangers, she and Redbot must work together to save themselves.

Tune in this Saturday, only on Nickelodeon!

Click to download the full high res pictures from this week’s new episode.

Power Rangers Ninja Steel Episode 6 Power Rangers Ninja Steel Episode 6 Power Rangers Ninja Steel Episode 6 Power Rangers Ninja Steel Episode 6

Power Rangers Ninja Steel – First clips!

Power Rangers Ninja Steel

Not one, but two new Power Rangers Ninja Steel clips have premiered on Nickelodeon’s website!

We are given our first look at Redbot, Ripcon, and Brody as well as the return of Kelson Henderson who has played multiple characters in past Power Rangers seasons!

View the new clips and get ready for the premiere of Power Rangers Ninja Steel on January 21st!

Brody the Ninja [Features Kelson Henderson]

Ninja Steel Compilation Trailer – [via ComicBook.com]

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