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One night in January 2014, @trekkieb47 had the idea to create a Power Rangers podcast. He asked two of his closest friends in Ranger Nation@secretrangerfan and @ZachLaVoy to Ranger Up with him and join the show.

Since then, Ranger Command Power Hour has been entertaining thousands of listeners and Power Rangers fans on the Four Eyed Radio Network. From the first episode, RCPH has consistently been the top listened to podcast on the network.

Never straying from a guaranteed episode every other Saturday, the trio have crossed over with other podcasts, interviewed actors and fans alike, discussed the latest news in the Power Rangers fandom and shared many laughs a long the way. In three years, over 100 episodes were produced totaling over 140 hours! 

Our main focus is Ranger Nation, the fans of the show. In August 2014, host @trekkieb47 was inducted into Saban Brands’ Power Force and became even more determined to give back to the fandom. With our Ranger Nation Spotlight episodes, we highlight and interview an outstanding member of Ranger Nation. Every episode, we give fans the chance to have their thoughts read on the show or by submitting an mp3 in our Ranger Nation Answers segment. We also have an account where we answer Questions from Ranger Nation.

In our third year and beyond, we want to give back even more. More prize giveaways, more convention coverage, better equipment and to continue an entertaining listening experience. How do we do that? With your support! By contributing a monthly amount (we release between 2-3 episodes a month), we can make the podcast even better than it is now and continue our goal of giving back to Ranger Nation. With Patreon, you can pledge as much or as little as you like every month. It’s like an ongoing Kickstarter where you pay per month of content and you are in control of how much you spend and what budget you set.

And that’s it! Even if you don’t pledge, you can still listen to all of our episodes for free at and the Four Eyed Radio Network! By pledging, you are helping us make RCPH even better. For those that donate, you will gain access to rewards like our Patreon Stream, your name on a thank you page on our site, wallpapers based on each episode, raffles, access to our live recordings and more!

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