Site News – Podcast Awards 2017

This year Ranger Command Power Hour is up for nomination at the official Podcast Awards in the “TV & Film” category!

If you enjoy the podcast and the work we put into it, please consider nominating us for a Podcast Award! Nominations will be accepted until July 31st, 2017. Winners will be announced on September 30th.

To nominate, sign up at: and place your votes for podcasts in multiple categories!

Thanks again for listening to and supporting Ranger Command Power Hour!

Podcast Awards

Ranger Command Anniversary Contest 3 – CLOSED

Contest is now closed. Congrats to Miguel (@Toy_Empire) for winning the contest!

Ranger Command Power Hour is hosting a NEW contest for our three year Anniversary on January 25th, 2017!

For our third year we are giving away a set of 15 Boom! Studios Power Rangers comics to one lucky listener.

Boom Comics Prize Pack includes: MMPR #1 Classic Cover variant, MMPR #1 Evil Tommy variant, MMPR #1 Tyrannosaurus Zord variant, Power Rangers 2016 Annual, Justice League / Power Rangers #1, MMPR Pink Issues #1-5, MMPR Issues #6-10. (Estimated Retail Value – $63.85)

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Site News – Ranger Command DX

As we approach our 3rd anniversary on January 25th, it’s time to go DeluXe with Ranger Command DX!

What is Ranger Command DX? Right now, it’s our new twitter account. Frustrated not being able to see our replies, retweets and likes? So are we! We even called Twitter to fix our issues, but to no avail. While we will still maintain our original twitter account, we are not going to wait around for Twitter to get their act together.

In less than 3 years we’ve gained an incredible following of listeners, friends and relationships that we want to continue to build. Thank YOU for listening, participating in our Ranger Nation Answers questions and supporting us! Let’s Ranger Up in 2017!

Ranger Command DX logo

RCPH Announces Toku Toy Store Mascot Contest Winner

Toku Toy Store Mascot winner banner

We have partnered with our friends at the Toku Toy Store to announce the winner of the their Mascot Competition. The winner is Andrew F. aka @fourzzze on Twitter.

He wins £50 in Toku Toy Store bucks to spend on the store. As a thank you to everyone who entered the contest, all participants will receive £10 to spend on the store.

Andrew and all other entrants should contact Toku Toy Store via Facebook, Twitter and the website, The winning entry will be visible in all of their graphics over the next few weeks.

For all of your Toku Toy needs, be sure to visit!

Thanks to Jeremy (@MightyJez) for letting us host the announcement to the contest!

SITE NEWS – Ranger Command Power Hour RETURNS October 1st

No new episode? What’s the deal?

Host @trekkieb47 is getting married NEXT SATURDAY to @thetg17. So, after almost three years of consistent content, we are going on a short HIATUS. Trust us, it won’t be as long as a Power Rangers on Nickelodeon hiatus because we will be returning with new episodes on October 1st!

In the meantime, listen to over 90 episodes right now on Ranger Command Power Hour!


Ranger Command Power Hour returns October 1st

Site News – RCPH Merch Store at TeePublic!

We’re excited to announce that we have opened up a merch store at TeePublic! Not only can you buy Ranger Command shirts and designs, but now you can also purchase designs from other Ranger Nation t-shirt designers!

To celebrate, a sale is going on right now! For only $14 (regularly $20) you can purchase Power Rangers inspired t-shirts at this discounted price.

Every month we will feature a new shirt from Ranger Nation available on TeePublic.

Thanks to TeePublic for selecting us to become an affiliate!

RCPH Tee Public Sale

Ranger Command Anniversary Contest 2- CLOSED

RCPH 2nd Anniversary Contest Banner

CONTEST IS CLOSED – Thanks to those who entered!

We are hosting a NEW contest for our two year Anniversary on January 25th, 2016!

It’s been another amazing year thanks to our listeners, so we want to give back. There are 2 prize packs available to win. Details below:


Deino CHOMP Super Pack: Deinosuchus Zord and Charger Packs (Series 1 and 2), Dino Super Charge T-Rex Super Charge and Snide Figures, Dino Charge Graphite Ranger figure, #8 and #20 Regular Chargers, #3 Fossil Charger, MMPR Ninja Megazord Charger – Winner: @TwitchingFool0

Ankylo SMASH Pack: Ankylo Zord, Dino Super Charge T-Rex Super Charge and Snide Figures, #2 #4 and #5 Regular Chargers, #12 Fossil Charger, MMPR Ninja Megazord Charger – Winner: @CDawhare

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Talkin’ Ranger Toku Command: The Final Crossover Promo

With the end of the Talkin’ Toku Podcast (@talkintoku) in sight, it’s only fitting that one last journey is taken with Ranger Command Power Hour.

We are proud to present the promo for Talkin’ Toku Ranger Toku Command: The Final Crossover, coming December 26th.



Click the above image for a full hi-res version. Special thanks to Chris (@rankal) for cutting together the promo and Mere (@nightmere10) and Lee (@monkieranger) for lending their voice talents to the clip.

International Podcast Day 2015

RCPH Podcast Day

Ranger Command Power Hour is celebrating International Podcast Day. #PodcastDay is a day to celebrate all of your favorite shows and share them with the people around you, listen to a new podcast, and support the show your already love. We couldn’t do this without our listeners, so here is a thank you message from host @Trekkieb47.

Thanks again and tune in this Saturday for a brand new episode!

We Love Fine Power Rangers Contest – Open for Rating


Last month we reported about the 2nd We Love Fine Power Rangers Contest. Today, the contest is open for rating designs! Rating is open until October 26th, 2015.

Host @trekkieb47 has submitted two entries to this contest.

136 Heroes – Celebrating 22 years of Power Rangers from Mighty Morphin’ to Dino Charge. Click here to rate.

136 Heroes - trekkieb47 - Layout Image

Dino Might Selfie – Tyler loves taking selfies! Good thing Conner has the ultimate selfie stick! Click here to rate.

Dino Might Selfie - trekkieb47 - Layout Image

In addition, here are some other designs we think are really cool from friends of the show!

Ernie’s Juice Bar by Kenn Glenn


Quantum Power by Mandy Lennon


Blast from the Past by Nathan Blu


Vote for all of your favorites now!