Ranger Command Power Hour Episode 034

RCPH WEBSITE Episode Header 034 - Toy Fair 2015

It’s time to Ranger Up with @trekkieb47 @secretrangerfan & @TheCinemaSlob as they talk all things Power Rangers on the Four Eyed Radio Network with RANGER COMMAND POWER HOUR!

Toy Fair 2015 was last week and a lot was revealed! We are joined by frequent guest co-host Chris (aka Kickback @rankal) of TokuNation.com. His team got the first look of Bandai’s booth at the show and we discuss all of these findings.

We also discuss the second episode of Power Rangers Dino Charge, “Past, Present and Fusion”. What did we think? Listen to our take on the Shelby, Kendall, and Koda “situations” brought up by Ranger Nation.

As always, we discuss the latest news including Rajia Baroudi‘s cancer fund update, Rangerstop‘s Superhero Toy & Comic Con guest announcements, the newest Dino Charge episode descriptions, Dino Charge not being on Hulu, the Threadless Power Rangers design contest winners and we answer your questions from Ranger Nation!

Listen now: RCPH Episode 34: “Rangers Talkin’ Toy Fair 2015”


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