News – Power Rangers Movie at New York Comic Con and Zord Teaser

Today, Lionsgate revealed their plans for a New York Comic Con panel and new teaser posters with the Power Rangers helmetless and sitting on their respective Zords.

On Saturday, October 8th at 2pm in the theater at Madison Square Garden, the cast of Saban’s Power Rangers will be on the panel for the new movie. Everyone in the fandom hopes that this panel unveils the first teaser trailer!

Our first glimpse of the new Zords is courtesy from a set of new teaser posters. Click below to download the full resolution versions.

blackranger_zord_tsr_vf blueranger_zord_tsr_vf pinkranger_zord_tsr_vf redranger_zord_tsr_vf yellowranger_zord_tsr_vf


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