Power Rangers Dino Charge Online Premiere TOMORROW – POWER FORCE EXCLUSIVE

In some very exciting news – Ranger Nation has unlocked the premiere episode of Power Rangers Dino Charge a full week ahead of the televised airing!

The goal was to retweet @PowerRangers tweet 100 times to unlock the episode, and that was achieved mere minutes after it was posted! The episode will be available on Nick.com and the Nick app on Friday, January 30th, 2015.

UPDATED: Watch “Powers from the Past” NOW at: http://www.nick.com/videos/clip/power-rangers-dino-charge-501-full-episode.html

The Power Force was also given an exclusive high res press image of the Dino Charge cast. Click below to download the full picture.

Power Rangers Dino Charge Cast_color edit

Additionally, comicbook.com was given an exclusive look at The Keeper, Sledge and his fiance, Poisandra.


And that’s not all! A new preview clip of the first episode launched where Tyler and Shelby encounter a chilling new monster and morph for the first time!

[UPDATE: Winner] Voting is Open for Saban Brands “Show Us Your Shorts” contest


A few months ago we posted a news story about the Saban Brands “Show Us Your Shorts” contest. Now, voting is open for a two week period and closes on February 7th. This is the same day Power Rangers Dino Charge premieres!

Take a look at all of the finalists and vote here: http://sabanshorts.com/

Thanks to @nightmere10 of The Power Scoop for the find.

UPDATE: Congrats to Saban Brands Shorts winner Adam Bohorquez with his entry, “Late to Work”. View his short now at sabanshorts.com

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 2.39.07 PM

Power Rangers Dino Charge Official Release Date and Episode Summaries


This past weekend, Power Rangers on Twitter announced that Power Rangers Dino Charge will be premiering on February 7th, 2015 at Noon EST/11 AM CST on Nickelodeon.

Power Rangers Dino Charge Premiere

UPDATE (1/20): @Nightmere10 found the official press release for the upcoming season.

Frequent #RangerNation contributor Kyl416, who has been a source for episode titles and summaries over the years, uncovered the first 4 episodes at The Cable Forum

501 – Powers From The Past (2/7)
Millions of years after the mysterious and powerful Energems were entrusted to the now extinct dinosaurs for protection from a ruthless bounty hunter, a pair of courageous teens find themselves in possession of two of these long lost precious artifacts, and come face to face with a monster who will do everything in his power to steal them for himself.

502 – Past, Present and Fusion (2/14)
A new teen finds his own Energem and joins Tyler and Shelby on their pilgrimage to the Dinosaur Museum, where they learn they are a part of the elite team called the Power Rangers. They are entrusted with protecting the Energems from a fierce bounty hunter named Sledge, who has returned and is more determined than ever to capture the Energems for himself.

503 – A Fools Hour (2/21)
Sledge arrives on Earth to confront Keeper and the Rangers. He gives them a deadline to return the Energems, but coming up with a plan to fight back gets compromised when Tyler goes after Fury on his own. Can the Rangers figure out how to work as a team?

504 – Return Of The Caveman (2/28)
Chase tries to help Koda adapt to modern day technology after he struggles to learn how to ride their new high tech Dino Cycles. But when they are caged in a cave by one of Sledge’s monsters, Koda must rely on his caveman instincts to escape and save his friend.

Are you as charged up as we are?

Power Rangers: Unite! – New Mobile Game

Power Rangers Unite! Banner

Funtactix and Saban Brands Partner to Create Power Rangers: UNITE Mobile Game

Thanks to Saban Brands as part of the Power Force, we were given the first look at the new Power Rangers: Unite! mobile game from Funtactix!

Click “Continue Reading” for the full press release.

Download the full PDF one sheet.

Power Rangers Unite! Cards Banner

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Ranger Command Anniversary Contest – CLOSED

RCPH Anniversary Contest Banner

CONTEST IS CLOSED. Thanks to all who participated!

We are hosting an epic contest for our one year Anniversary on January 25th!

It’s been a fantastic year thanks to our wonderful listeners, so we want to give back. There are 5 prize packs available to win. Details below:


Super Mega Anniversary Prize Pack: Super Megaforce Legendary Morpher, 2 MMPR Key Packs, 9 extra ranger keys, Power Rangers Zeo Vol. 1 DVD, Super Megaforce Vol. 1 Earth Fights Back DVD, XL MMPR Red Ranger t-shirt, Papercutz MMPR Comic #1, Henshin Vault Super Megaforce and Dino Charge metal pins, 2 Power Rangers Promotional postcards. Winner – @PED_IV

Dino Charged Up Prize Pack: 5 Dino Charger Power Packs, 2 Henshin Vault Dino Charge metal pins, Power Rangers Ranger Key Promotional postcard. Winner – @orangeranger198

Mystic Samurai Prize Pack: Mystic Force Vol. 1-3 DVDs, Mystic Force Dark Wish DVD, Mystic Force Ranger Key Pack, Samurai Vol. 1-2 DVD, Power Rangers Super Samurai Vol. 1-2 DVD, Power Rangers Samurai Christmas and Halloween specials DVDs, Red Samurai Ranger Key, 2 Power Rangers Promotional postcards. Winner – @jefferyhusk91

Jungle Emergency Prize Pack: SPD Ranger Key Pack, Dekaranger Deka Red soft vinyl figure, MMPR Red and Super Megaforce Ranger Keys, Jungle Fury Vol. 1-2 DVDs + Foil promotional cards, Power Morphicon 2014 plastic bag, Henshin Vault Super Megaforce and Dino Charge metal pins, Power Rangers Ranger Key Promotional postcard. Winner – @PockyBandit

Super Party Ranger Prize Pack: Super Megaforce and Samurai plastic bags, Megaforce stickers, Megaforce earbuds, Megaforce Blue Ranger plush keychain, Megaforce flying disks, Samurai paddle ball, Henshin Vault Super Megaforce metal pin, Power Rangers Ranger Key Promotional postcard. Winner – @WeatherMan34

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“Big Red” to Make Television Debut on Shipping Wars!

Exciting news! “Big Red,” the 15-foot Red Mighty Morphin Power Ranger statue, will be making his epic television debut TONIGHT on A&E’s Shipping Wars. Tune in to A&E tonight at 10 p.m. EST/9 p.m. CST to witness “Big Red’s” journey across country. Attached is an exclusive sneak peek episode still.

Power Rangers Shipping Wars

Extended Power Rangers Super Megaforce Finale Confirmed

Power Rangers Super Megaforce Finale

Confirmed through a Power Force email from Saban Brands, after tomorrow’s season finale, you’ll have one more chance to watch never-before-seen footage. This Monday, Nov. 24, an extended version of the Power Rangers Super Megaforce finale will air from 11 p.m.-12:15 a.m. only on Nicktoons!

Following the Monday airing, the extended finale will also be available on Nick.com and the Nickelodeon app on Tuesday, Nov. 25.

THREADLESS Power Rangers T-Shirt Design Contest


Saban Brands is partnering with Threadless for a LEGENDARY Power Rangers t-shirt design challenge! See below for all the POWERED UP details and start creating your very own designs today. #RangerNation, get ready for some EPIC new t-shirts!

  • Nov. 10 (TODAY!): T-shirt design submission period begins.
  • Visit www.threadless.com/powerrangers to submit your own design!
  • Dec. 1: T-shirt design submission period ends.
  • Each t-shirt design receives a voting period of 10 days from submission date.
  • The winner will receive $2,000 cash, a $500 Threadless gift card and the Limited Edition Power Rangers Legacy Collection (the 98-DVD set featuring all 767 episodes from the first 20 seasons) as their grand prize!

A select variety of other winning t-shirt designs will be produced by Threadless and available for purchase in early 2015.

Ranger Command Power Hour Episode 026

RCPH WEBSITE Episode Header 026 Rangers Crossover

It’s time to Ranger Up with @trekkieb47 @secretrangerfan & @TheCinemaSlob as they talk all things Power Rangers on the Four Eyed Radio Network with RANGER COMMAND POWER HOUR!

In “Rangers Crossover”, our hosts jump a dimensional rift as they discuss the crossover episodes “A Friend in Need” from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers season 3 and “Shell Shocked” from Power Rangers in Space.

They also discuss the latest news including the winners of the #FavRCPHMoments contest, revealing names for #DinoCharge, the cover of Shout! Factory’s first Super Sentai release Zyuranger, and Saban Brands press releases regarding the Student Alliance and Fitness Guide. Then the hosts read your #RangerNation Answers and find out who YOU want to crossover into the Power Rangers universe.

It’s time for Power Rangers in Space (Jam)!

Listen now: RCPH Episode 26: “Rangers Crossover”


Links mentioned in our show:


Power Rangers Student Alliance Logo


LOS ANGELES, CA (October 20, 2014)Saban Brands announced today the Power Rangers Student Alliance, a new national program where students work together to bring the core values of the Power Rangers to communities across the country. The Power Rangers Student Alliance was inspired by the ‘Florida Ranger Coalition,’ a group of high school students who caught national attention by making mysterious masked appearances at children’s events and nonprofit fundraisers in Power Rangers Morphsuits. When these teens saw how much kids loved seeing the Power Rangers, they decided to work together to raise awareness of anti-bullying and teach the importance of reading. After learning about these exemplary young Power Ranger fans, Saban Brands decided to launch this new program to encourage students across the country to follow suit and start their own local Power Ranger teams.

The Power Rangers Student Alliance provides a framework and incentives to encourage young people to start local chapters at their own high schools, colleges and universities to give back to their communities and raise funds for charity, while demonstrating the core Power Rangers values of helping others, friendship and teamwork. The program was previewed at the 4th bi-annual Power Morphicon, the largest Power Rangers fan-run convention, in Pasadena, CA this past August. Members of the original Florida Ranger Coalition,’ who kept their identities hidden until shortly after graduating high school, and have since publicly announced plans to build additional chapters on their college campuses, were invited to attend the convention and received VIP access to exclusive events.

“The Power Rangers Student Alliance initiative fits perfectly within our Power Rangers emPOWER program,” said Elie Dekel, President of Saban Brands. “We are inspired by the work of the ‘Florida Ranger Coalition’ and we hope with the launch of this program, we can further encourage their positive story and motivate other fans across all of Ranger Nation to get involved.”

“I could never have anticipated what an impact on my community and myself I would make through dressing up as a Power Ranger,” said Adam Cooper, co-founder of the ‘Florida Ranger Coalition‘. “From the first smile of a little kid at a birthday party, to performing motivational speeches in a packed room full of troubled youth, I can see what an effect we’ve made in the community. I’m excited to see what new heights we can reach and new audiences we can impact as collegiate members of the Power Rangers Student Alliance.”

New groups interested in the Power Rangers Student Alliance can easily register online at www.empower.powerrangers.com. Members must be high school or college students and are encouraged to seek official “club” status from their schools. As an added incentive, Morphsuits will be offering 25% off all Power Rangers Morphsuits to all who register for this program.

About Saban’s Power Rangers
Saban’s Power Rangers franchise is the brainchild of Haim Saban, creator and producer of the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers hit series that launched in 1993. Following its introduction, Power Rangers quickly became the most-watched children’s television program in the United States and remains one of the top-rated and longest running boys live-action series in television history. The series follows the adventures of a group of ordinary teens who “morph” into superheroes and save the world from evil. It is seen in more than 150 markets, translated into numerous languages and a favorite on many key international children’s programming blocks around the world. For more information, visit www.powerrangers.com.

About Saban Brands
Formed in 2010 as an affiliate of Saban Capital Group, Saban Brands (SB) was established to acquire and develop a world-class portfolio of properties and capitalize on the company’s experience, track record and capabilities in growing and monetizing consumer brands through content, media and marketing. SB applies a global omni-channel management approach to enhancing and extending its brands in markets worldwide and to consumers of all ages. The company provides full-service management, marketing, promotion and strategic business development for its intellectual properties including comprehensive strategies unique to each brand, trademark and copyright management and enforcement, creative design, retail development, direct-to-consumer initiatives and specialized property extensions. SB’s portfolio of properties currently includes Power Rangers, Paul Frank, Macbeth, Julius Jr., Digimon Fusion and Popples, among many others. For more information, visit www.sabanbrands.com.

Student-Alliance – Press Release PDF Download