Ranger Command Power Hour Episode 080

Ranger Nation Interview Jason Bischoff

It’s time to Ranger Up with @trekkieb47 @secretrangerfan & @ZachLaVoy as they talk all things Power Rangers on the Four Eyed Radio Network with RANGER COMMAND POWER HOUR!

In this episode Eric interviews Jason Bischoff (@shadowpiper), Director of Global Consumer Products for Power Rangers and Saban Brands. Lately, you may have seen him at Power Morphicon hosting the Saban Brands Toys and Collectibles Power Hour panel or at New York Comic Con.

Jason answers our questions and your fan submitted questions. We talk about working at Saban Brands, how licensing works for Power Rangers, the importance of fan feedback, rangernaton.com, upcoming products, the Legacy line and more!

Let’s Rocket!!

Listen now: Ranger Command Power Hour Episode 80: “Ranger Nation Interview Jason Bischoff”


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Ranger Nation Interview Jason Bischoff