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Ranger Eric Berry
Trekkieb47 profile@trekkieb47 on Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, Instagram

Eric has loved Power Rangers since its inception in August 1993. The new kid in school, Eric instantly identified with the character of Tommy during the “Green with Evil” saga. The Power Rangers phenomenon quickly spread and soon he had something in common with all the other kids.

Eric lost touch with Power Rangers after Lost Galaxy, with the pressures of High School and working a job. It wasn’t until after college that he picked up on Power Rangers again with Dino Thunder and the return of his childhood hero. His younger brother’s first series was SPD, a show they both enjoyed and got to meet the actors later in 2005 at Youmacon. From then on, Eric has never missed a show.

As an adult Power Rangers fan, Eric enjoys the franchise by collecting toys, building and collecting replica props, going to conventions, cosplaying, podcasting (obviously), getting his graphic designs made into official Power Rangers merchandise, and being on a Power Rangers DVD or two.

Ranger A.P.
@secretrangerfan on Twitter, Tumblr

As a kid, A.P. started properly following Power Rangers during Turbo, but didn’t really get into the series until around Lightspeed Rescue. She stopped watching regularly during Wild Force, picked it back up again with Dino Thunder, and only saw a few episodes here and there after Mystic Force.

As an adult fan, she became a fairly regular viewer again with the premiere of Samurai, but nothing has really changed from when she was a kid. Her merchandise collection remains small and focused on her favorite Rangers, and she prefers to not get too involved in the fandom. To her, Power Rangers is simply a fun break from adult life. She doesn’t know everything there is to know about the franchise and she’s okay with that. Because of this, she prefers to label herself as more of a “casual” fan.

When not involved with the RCPH, she focuses a lot of her time on the arts. Formerly a TV critic, she now works in theatre where she has produced, designed, directed, and worked on the crew for various theatrical productions.

Ranger Zach LaVoy
The-Cinema-Slob-Profile@ZachLaVoy on Twitter

Zach was a fan of Power Rangers from the very beginning. As a kid, he had a ton of the toys and often spent his afternoons playing with them while watching the show. He followed the show until the end of PRiS and then came back into the fandom in 2004 with the premier of Dino Thunder.

In his adult life, he discovered the Super Sentai origins of the show, and that led him to a veritable treasure trove of equally entertaining shows. While some may call him a “Sentai Snob”, he truly loves both forms of the show. Zach’s other fandoms include: Kamen Rider, Ghostbusters, Doctor Who, Star Wars, Star Trek, and many many more. When’s he not podcasting with his RCPH team, he attends conventions, plays games (both video and tabletop), and enjoys movies.

Ranger Nation Special Guest Co-Hosts

Chris aka “Kickback”
@TokuChris on Twitter, Host of the @TalkinToku Podcast,  Creator, Editor-in-Chief of Toku Nation

kickback profile

Chris grew up a giant fan of Transformers in the 80’s. But when Transformers seemingly died out and switched to the more beast-side of things, Chris got his fix of giant transforming robots in another form – Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. First brought in to the franchise because of the Megazords and their combining features, Chris succumbed to the stories that were told and the characters that stayed with the show through In Space. Once the Zordon-era of Power Rangers came to an end, Chris lost interest in Power Rangers and rejoined the Transformers fandom, helping to grow the incredibly popular online fan community that is TFW2005.COM for the next 10+ years. However his love for Power Rangers couldn’t stay buried forever and when Tommy returned in Power Rangers Dino Thunder, Chris was hooked again.

After retiring from the Transformers fan community after being an administrator of TFW2005.COM for over a decade, Chris knew he couldn’t just be a bystander in the tokusatsu fandom. He spent 6 months gathering other tokusatsu fans from TFW2005 and in 2012 created, a toku-based site modeled after TFW2005 with one goal in mind – to create a website focused on tokusatsu news, shows, and toys – and to create a community for people to talk about all of it. In 2013, he decided that all the time he spent text messaging two of his best friends about tokusatsu could be done in a different format – and thus, the Talkin Toku podcast was created.

Fun facts? Chris has an entire storage unit full of THOUSANDS of Transformers toys from 30 years that he plans to sell. And despite his love for big transforming robots, he has only recently purchased his first Megazord (the Super Megaforce Legendary Megazord) – as his main collecting interest at the moment are S.H. Figuarts and the Arms Change line for Kamen Rider Gaim. His favorite Power Ranger of all time is the Zeo Gold Ranger, so much so that he constantly bugs Tamashii Nations to make one as a Figuart and has even offered to host a Kickstarter to get the damn thing made already. 🙂

Batgirl aka “The2ndBatgirl”
The2ndBatgirl_profile@The2ndBatgirl on Twitter, Power Ranger Recaps

TSB has red hair, works in a library, has a brown belt in jiu jitsu, yet she is still not actually Batgirl, much to her disappointment.

She started watching Power Rangers in October 1993, quit during Lost Galaxy due to the ridiculous airing schedule, and came back during RPM, and then marathoned every single season over the course of a summer.

TSB enjoys collecting toys, arguing about feminism on twitter, going to conventions, and writing ridiculous fanfic. She has an insane goal of eventually watching all the sentai, and convincing everyone she knows that there is a season of either Power Rangers or Sentai that is relevant to their interests.

Mere aka “Nightmere10”
@nightmere10 on Twitter, The Power Scoop

nightmere10nightmere10 has been a Power Rangers fan since the beginning but didn’t become an active fandom member until late 2010, joining the Power Rangers forums (joining TokuNation forum in 2013). During that time, while others collected merchandise from the show (and after one looooong night reading IMDB trivia), “collecting” information about behind the scenes of the show became a hobby.

In the early fall of 2013, while Power Rangers Megaforce was airing the site, “The Power Scoop” was created as a place to store all of the information regarding anything behind the scenes from Megaforce onward: casting announcements, filming photos, news about Power Rangers Productions Ltd (the production company behind the show in New Zealand), filming locations, and more. Press releases regarding the Power Rangers franchise, behind the scenes of the 2017 Power Rangers Movie and information about Saban Brands regarding the Power Rangers franchise can be found on the site as well.

With The Power Scoop, the goal of keeping up with the behind the scenes information is to remind casual and hard-core Power Rangers fans that so many people, including the 5/6 core actors, work hard to bring the show they love to life.

Tyler Waldman aka RitoRevolto
@aresef on Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, Instagram

Tyler WaldmanTyler is best known as the creator of Rangercast, the first Power Rangers podcast. In a long run that began while Tyler was still in high school, he interviewed cast and crew including Robert Axelrod, Greg Aronowitz, David DeLautour, Kerrigan Mahan and the Japanese band Psychic Lover. Convention coverage took him from down the street at Otakon, to Chicago, Washington, Richmond and, of course, Power Morphicon in Los Angeles. His first honeymoon, in fact, was at a Power Rangers convention, in part thanks to the kindness of strangers. But mostly he and his wife skipped it to go to Universal. Wouldn’t you?

Tyler got into Power Rangers as a 5-year-old after seeing a Baltimore Sun piece on how it was warping young minds. He thought he’d be the judge of that. The jury is still out. He fell out of love with the show right around “Lionheart”–he honestly forgot it was on, flipped to see a jungle scene and went off to do something else, and returned a year or so later to find a guinea pig mentor. Soon, he was deep in the online fandom and that was that.

Rangercast helped nudge Tyler into a journalism career. He works in local news in the Baltimore area. When not working, he’s also a nerd about tokusatsu, anime, Doctor Who and various Marvel and sci-fi shows. During the summer, you might also find him milling about Camden Yards.

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