NEWS: WeLoveFine Power Rangers Design Contest

Two years ago, WeLoveFine hosted their first Power Ranger Design Contest for the 20th anniversary. Host @trekkieb47 had a winning design called 119 Heroes!

Today, WeLoveFine just launched their 2nd Power Rangers design contest!

Official Contest Description:
GO GO designers! Now is the time for you to POWER UP your design ideas for an awesome Power Rangers t-shirt with WeLoveFine’s 2nd Power Rangers design contest launching TODAY, which also happens to be the same day the Power Rangers originally launched 22 years ago (wow!). WeLoveFine is offering you the chance to not only win some amazing prizes, but to also have your design made into official Power Rangers merchandise that will be available on! We are so excited to see your original artwork inspired by the characters, seasons and storylines from the entire history of Power Rangers – from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers through Power Rangers Dino Charge!

Contest Link:

WeLoveFine Power Rangers Contest

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