Talkin’ Ranger Toku Command: The Final Crossover Promo

With the end of the Talkin’ Toku Podcast (@talkintoku) in sight, it’s only fitting that one last journey is taken with Ranger Command Power Hour.

We are proud to present the promo for Talkin’ Toku Ranger Toku Command: The Final Crossover, coming December 26th.



Click the above image for a full hi-res version. Special thanks to Chris (@rankal) for cutting together the promo and Mere (@nightmere10) and Lee (@monkieranger) for lending their voice talents to the clip.

International Podcast Day 2015

RCPH Podcast Day

Ranger Command Power Hour is celebrating International Podcast Day. #PodcastDay is a day to celebrate all of your favorite shows and share them with the people around you, listen to a new podcast, and support the show your already love. We couldn’t do this without our listeners, so here is a thank you message from host @Trekkieb47.

Thanks again and tune in this Saturday for a brand new episode!

Talkin Ranger Toku Command Summer Special Promo

Talkin Ranger Toku Command Crossover Graphic

Two podcasts. One destiny. Coming May 2014 – Part One in Ranger Command Power Hour, Part Two in Talkin Toku At the Nation.

Promo 1:


Promo 2: